Forming the future of steel

At BlueScopeX™, we exist

To identify, inspire and invest in early-stage companies that will help shape the future of our industry and communities.

Steel stands strong at the heart of society. It is one of the strongest, most durable and versatile materials that exists on this planet. Our customers and communities are relying on us to drive sustainability of the industry and built environment – global decarbonisation, renewable energy transition and sustainable outcomes.

This is not a problem we can solve alone. We bring extraordinary teams together in the transformation of breakthrough ideas into reality.

This is why BlueScopeX™ has been formed.

Our mission

To identify new ideas and support extraordinary teams in the transformation of those ideas into reality.

This will build positive momentum across steel, construction and related industries, to help deliver a more sustainable future for us all; and for generations to come.

As a partner, we can provide:

Deep Knowledge & Industry Expertise

We have a deep understanding of the industries in which we operate and unrivaled insight into the challenges and opportunities that exist.

Networks & Connections

Our global network and broad relationships afford us both global reach and scale.


We not only have the capability to invest early, but also to continue to do so in the later rounds.

How we invest

Seed capital, as well as the later rounds.

In companies across the globe.

To strengthen exceptional teams.

Our investments

BlueScopeX™ will invest in two key areas:

End-to-end decarbonisation of the iron making process

Breakthrough technologies that reduce carbon emissions in any aspect of the iron and steelmaking process.

Technologies that enhance efficiencies in the built environment

Industrial and commercial building products, systems and solutions that can enhance efficiencies across the industry.

Our team


Andrew Garey

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Rebecca Downing

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Michael Quinn

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Gus Balbontin

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Kevin Quinlan

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Our advisors

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, BlueScope

Mark Vassella

Chief Executive Australian Steel Products, BlueScope

Tania Archibald

Chief Legal Officer, BlueScope

Debra Counsell

Chief Executive Climate Change & Sustainability, BlueScope

Gretta Stephens

Our portfolio

Our partners