Tomorrow’s innovations.
Built on today’s foundations.

To create a vision of the future we can all work with, we need the best of the vanguard and the old guard. Innovation needs to be integrated. Aspiration needs expertise. Challengers need champions.

That’s why we’re looking for founders and start-ups that’ll help change the future of our industry.

We’ll bring the perspective.
You bring the potential.

That’s why we’re looking for founders and start-ups that’ll help change the future of our industry.

This is an amazing opportunity to leverage a global building and construction network and engage with the industry to build, test and trial real solutions for the non-residential building sector.

The theme of the program is Buildings of the Future, and we’re looking for

Sustainable and Smart Building Solutions

We’re searching for solutions or tools that can help design, fabricate, erect and operate commercial and industrial buildings more sustainably.

Integrated Building Solutions

We want to drive fragmentation out of trades and make components easier to install by integrating advanced work packages with prefabricated building solutions.

Advanced Robotics (non-repetitive) and AI Applications

We want to change the way we approach unique welds forever. We’re searching for advanced robotic and AI technology that enable us to produce unique non-repetitive welded steel products faster.

Customer Experience Solutions

We want to track, monitor and measure our end-to-end customer experience. We’re searching for data, analytical and visualisation tools that enable us to better understand our customer experience across our customer chain.

Program Overview

This accelerator program runs from 1st May for 6 weeks.

10 founders and start-ups will be selected to take part. Our global program offers:

6 week intensive program

6 week intensive program (coaching, mentoring and access to experts)


US$100,000 awarded to the overall winner of the accelerator program

Commercial partnerships

Opportunities to form commercial partnerships with BlueScope

Opportunities to pitch

Opportunity to pitch to BlueScopeX™ (Venture fund) and other industry partners

Opportunities to connect

Opportunities to connect with BlueScope’s extensive builder and construction network (including access to our Butler Manufacturing and Varco Pruden brands and expertise)

Future Materials / Material Future

Demo Day 2023

The 2023 Buildings of the Future Demo Day hosted by MIT Corporate Relations in collaboration with the MIT Startup Exchange showcases our incredible 2023 cohort.

Come see how they’re innovating in advanced non-repetitive robotics, smart and sustainable building solutions, integrated building solutions, and customer experience applications.

Hear from Guest Speakers, meet our startups, and network with innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and like-minded individuals.